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HAYNES Ti3Al2.5V alloy Haynes International haynesintl/docs/defaultsource/pdfs/newalloybrochures/ti3al25vbrochure.pdfsfvrsn514728d410 Ti3Al2.5V 0.21 lb 0.09 kg. Developed as Tubing Alloy. In the initial examination of titanium alloys for specific aircraft/aerospace tasks, commercially.

Titanium Alloy Grade 9 / Ti 3Al2.5V Aircraft Materials aircraftmaterials/data/titanium/ti3al25v.html Suppliers of Titanium Alloy Grade 9 3Al2.5V / AMS 4943 / AMS 4944 / AMS 4945 / ABS 5004 / ABS 5141 in tube, sheet and bar.

ERTi9 3Al2.5V Titanium Grade 9 Weldtool Technologies weldtool/erti9titaniumgrade9welding ERTi9, Titanium Grade 9 is used to weld base metals where a lower tensile is needed and the application requires superior weldability and ductility.

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