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Alloy Specifications Stena Aluminium stenaaluminium/aluminiumalloysandservices/alloyspecifications We present here the European standards for die casting. We show the requirements for the chemical composition, casting properties, heat treatment and mechanical...

ENACAlSi12Cu / ENAC47000 SteelNumber Aluminium ... steelnumber/en/steelalloycompositioneu.phpnameid1251 ENACAlSi12Cu / ENAC47000 SteelNumber Aluminium equivalent, chemical composition, properties.

International Alloy Designations and Chemical Composition Limits ... Peru 552/6. C1068AAB. Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA Japan Aluminium Association. JAPAN. TsukamotoSozan Building. 215, Ginza 4Chome.

Global Aluminum Alloy Conversion Chart MES Inc LM4. AlSi5Cu3. 4500. AS5Ue. GAlSi6Cu4 225. 3052. 319. 326. AC2A. Sand gravity diecast manifolds, gear boxes, etc. LM5. ALMg5Si1. 51300. AG6. 3058. 514.